Planning and preparation, and we are back at the bar.

Ann and I have been packing and planning all day.  So many thoughts running through our heads all day long. 

I decided to run a quick errand to buy a backup battery for my camera, and since she was already one glass into what was only half a growler, I decided to make a stealth run to the taproom to fill another growler.  I was going to need more as well.

As I walked into the bar to fill the growler I saw one of my friends talking to a young couple.   He noticed me and said “Hey Joe how are you?” 
this turned the couple’s heads, and (coincidentally) it was Tom and Natalie , a couple of good friends from work.   I went home to tell Ann, and we decided to abandon our packing plans for only a few hours and have a few beers with our friends.  It turns out Puck needed to see Jenn about some treats as well. 


No really, this blog is not about our favorite hangout, it just turns out that it is a great place to decompress while prepping for a trip.


3 days and counting…

until we are on the trail that is.

We have a lot to do before we leave. 
Today, however, I decided to take the dog out for a beer.    He is welcome and well loved at our local bar.  Since we have been coming to SOB they have started a treat jar, with some dog biscuits, and one of the other regulars even bought him his own miniature mug.  I know there is a ton to do to get ready for our trip, but I just needed some time with my mug, and my dog. 


I’ve been dehydrating some food for the trip, and Ann has been spending most of her waking moments figuring out the navigation.

This trip will mark the break-in runs for a great deal of exciting new gear. 
To start with, this will be the first REAL trip with my new tent, The REI Dash 2.  It weighs just under 3 pounds and is meant for two people.  Although since Ann is not happy with the floorplan I suspect she will be sleeping in the ENO hammock. (her loss)
This will also be the first trip with our new GPS.  A special buy from the REI Anniversary sale that I just couldn’t resist. the Garmin GPSMAP 62stc.  It has many bells and whistles.
I recently bought the Mountain Hardware “Elkommando” Kilt.  I’ve worn it to work twice already.  interestingly, my wearing a kilt hasn’t surprised many folk.  I even heard from one person that  she is sure she has seen me in a kilt before. (I told her showing up in drag doesn’t count)  At any rate, Ill be wearing this for the trip.

Ann will be using her new Back Country bed by Sierra Designs.  It is a unique  spin on the backpacking sleeping bag, it’s lightweight and includes an integrated comforter that can be manipulated based on the sleeping style of the user.

Anyway, I’m sure we will be posting our Gear Choices right before our trip, but hey, I had to talk about something while having a beer with my dog.`

two seekers hitched to nature and each other